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Oita International Preschool
Scholarships Now Available

We are now accepting applications for student scholarships to Oita International Preschool (O.I.P.).



・Improve your English skills in Oita prefecture.
・Acquire the education to develop the personal and social skills needed to survive this time of rapid change.
・Increase the positive effects of education and become an individual who can play an active role in the world.


・International students
・Students returning to O.I.P.
・Children from Oita prefecture and other prefectures
・School-age children (aged 4-6) who can communicate with a native speaker of English
 >Students must learn and understand the philosophy of Oita International Preschool.
 >The family members should also understand the philosophy of, and cooperate with, Oita International Preschool.


・ Interview
 >Parents and children will be interviewed separately.
 >Children will have one interview in both English and Japanese.
・English written exam (child only)


Scholarship A - No entrance fee, and tuition fee is reduced by half (50%).
Scholarship B - Entrance fee is reduced by half (50%), and the tuition fee reduced by 30%.
 >Other fees (materials, etc.) are not included in the tuition fee.

We will have one examination every year.
If you wish to extend your scholarship, then please apply again.
Please apply online at: www.oitapre.com

We are looking forward to receiving your application!


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Oita International Preschool’s multicultural bilingual environment is a unique opportunity for children and parents regardless of nationality.