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Point1FAll our early childhood educators are fully certified.

Point3FWe have a Japanese language preparation course for 5 years olds to ensure they transfer smoothly into elementary school.

Our experienced native English teachers are paired with certified Japanese early childhood educators to create a compressive teaching team.

Point4FChildren spend the day living and learning in a home stay-like environment.

Child Care Goals

Promotion of international sensibility

English is not simply another foreign language, but the global lingua franca. It is the language of choice, used extensively at multinational cultural, social, and sporting events. OIPfs English language early education program has been created to provide children with the means of communication they will need to become citizens in the international community.

It doesn't hold prejudice, wide child in view

Through everyday interaction with our foreign teaching staff and special guest teachers, we aim to create a unique international awareness in our students. At OIP we instill our students with an unbiased respect and appreciation for all humanity.

A considerate gentle child is brought up.

We raise children to be kind and compassionate towards all living things. The lessons they learn at OIP will help them become contributing members of their local and international communities.

Distinctive education

Immersion program

Spending the day immersed in the unique environment at OIP, children live in English rather than study it. In this low pressure natural way children learn and retain more.

The foreign teacher of the native speaker is registered

OIPfs teaching staff is made up of native English teachers and certified Japanese child care workers.

A lot of events that can sense japan and foreign culture bodily

Throughout the year OIP hosts various international events like Easter, Halloween and Christmas while also taking great pride in traditional Japanese events like the Star Festival (Tanaba).

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After-school programs available for elementary school and kindergarten students

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